Thursday, April 12, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1g Released!

Hey everyone, new release for Telemetry!  This is a relatively small update but still lots of good stuff going on!


  • Enhancement: TMOF_NO_PDB_LOOKUP added.  In some cases on Windows tmOpen can take a long time while doing PDB lookups of loaded modules.  This allows you to bypass that delay.
  • Enhancement: Significantly better performance in the Telemetry processing thread on PS3, 360 and Windows.
  • Change: default Telemetry thread priority increased to avoid starvation
  • Enhancement: "Lock to end" checkbox is now persistent between sessions
  • Enhancement: plotted zone times are now in the same plot group so you can compare scales
  • Enhancement: Build information passed to tmOpen is now displayed in the session view
  • Change: New license key system
  • Change: Removed deprecated thread balance pie chart
  • Enhancement: a -maxsessions parameter has been added to tmserver so that it can be scriptable.  Now you can launch the server, tell it to capture N sessions, then have it exit when it's done capturing.