Monday, March 31, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0K is out!

Telemetry 2.0K is out the door!  The biggest new feature is context switch trapping support on PS4, putting it on a par with Windows and 360.  Also, the directory/file naming structure is no longer so rigid (so you can rename directories and TDB files).  Finally, fetch times for very dense sets of plots, zones, and messages are way faster now.  Some fetches that used to take 15 seconds now take < two seconds!

Note that the server/Visualizer/run-time need to be simultaneously upgraded since there is a small change in the protocol.

Run Time

  • Enhancement: context switch capture on PS4
  • Enhancement: add server configuration API (tmSetServerConfiguration)
  • Bugfix: fixed bug where timespans could hang the run-time if tmOpen was called late
  • Change: linux (and other BSD-ish) network implementation now spew debug on wouldblock (checked build)
  • Change: disabled network policy on PS4 telemetry socket
  • Enhancement: added TM_VAR macro and no longer exclude tmtypes.h on NTELEMETRY.  This means you can wrap Telemetry declarations and variables in a way that is compatible with NTELEMETRY, e.g TM_VAR(TmU64 x);


  • Change: unknown strings are a bit more known (null vs. unrecognized)
  • Enhancement: decoupled sessions from their filenames, so you can now rename files/directories (yay!)
  • Bugfix: fixed crash bug with oversized messages
  • Bugfix: generated mem usage plots (via TMZF_MEM_REGION_EXPERIMENTAL) were using incorrect paths


  • Enhancement: mousewheel now works in message view
  • Enhancement: greatly sped up fetch times for zones, messages, plots, and mem events
  • Enhancement: session notes are now on a separate line and green, and if then completely skipped
  • Change: disable 'copy' button in message pane until all have arrived
  • Change: messages without newlines now have newlines appended automatically
  • Bugfix: fixed file/line missing from zone tooltips