Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RAD Telemetry 1.1r Shipped!

The big update is that we now have "out of the box" support for Linux/ARM, with some caveats.  But by and large if you're working on some kind of embedded Linux/ARM system with reasonable networking then Telemetry should be viable for you.

And of course we have our standard updates, bugfixes, and compatibility stuff!


  • Enhancement: support for ARM/Linux
  • Enhancement: added TMP_EMULATED_SERVER_VERSION for forward compatibility
  • Enhancement: updated support for unannounced platforms
  • Bugfix: rare bug where Telemetry internal zones could arrive slightly out of order.  This didn't have a practical effect on the end user.
  • Bugfix: 360: rare bug where context switches could arrive out of order (oddly enough, unrelated to the previous bug).
  • Bugfix: 360: TMCT_FILE failed due to extra backslash
  • Bugfix: moved tmEnter timstamp fetch after locking write buffer to avoid potential out of order zones


  • Bugfix: fixed rare crash bug in aligned memory allocator
  • Bugfix: latent bug in string class fixed


  • Bugfix: latent bug in string class fixed


  • Bugfix: fixed plot export bug in tmsym.  This is an unadvertised feature so it impacted only one customer.