Friday, August 31, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1m released!

We just released a small point release for RAD Telemetry.  The run-time protocol has changed, so be sure to upgrade the SDK, server and Visualizer simultaneously!


  • Enhancement: updated WiiU support to 2.07.02 SDK
  • Bugfix: Stack corruption here if there were more than 128 PDBs or MAP files discovered
  • Change: Raised maximum number of discoverable MAP/PDB files to 256 (don't worry, we fixed the previous bug too, we didn't just raise the limit =) )


  • Change: Linux Visualizer now searches executable directory for license key in addition to the Telemetry data directory
  • Enhancement: VScale setting is now saved


  • Bugfix: Symbol data after symbolization was not stored to disk properly
  • Change: Edited UE3 integration docs for better error handling

Friday, August 10, 2012

Valve talks about using Telemetry in L4D2!

Valve is using Telemetry for profiling some of their games, including Left 4 Dead 2.  In his talk at SIGGRAPH, Rich Geldreich mentions us.  Thanks Rich!

Monday, August 6, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1L Released!

Welcome to the August 2012 release of RAD Telemetry!  This is mostly a maintenance release, however there is one significant feature that some customers have requested -- the Visualizer is now available for Linux!  Currently it's in beta and supports Ubuntu (32 and 64-bit) and Gnome.


  • Enhancement: PS3: stackwalking is now more robust and no longer requires debug library support (-ldbg)
  • Change: PS3: We now build against SDK 3.7.0
  • Change: WiiU: SDK 2.06.02 is now supported (and required)
  • Change: minor bugfixes and changes


  • Enhancement: beta support for running on Linux (Ubuntu 32/64 with Gnome/Nautilus)
  • Enhancement: OS X: Should now have feature parity with Windows version
  • Enhancement: Experimental "sort by duration" option when finding zones
  • Change: minor bugfixes and changes


  • Change: Minor bugfixes and changes


  • Change: minor update to UE3 integration documentation