Thursday, November 29, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1p Shipped!

Telemetry 1.1p has shipped with bug fixes and additional support for unannounced platforms.  Email us at if you want more information on upcoming platform support.

IMPORTANT: All Telemetry components must be upgraded simultaneously since there has been a change in the network protocol!  In addition you must recompile and relink since there has been a function signature change for tmSendCallStack.

  • Bugfix: symbol resolution did not work in some instances
  • Bugfix: OS X: right-button mouse click did not work reliably
  • Enhancement: displays name and location of license file
  • Enhancement: option to manually specify symbol file for resolution (under Options), which will bring up a file selection dialog
  • Change: tmCoreSendCallStack takes an additional 'skip' parameter (you must recompile/link!)
  • Enhancement: new API tmSendCallStackWithSkip allows you to specify number of stack frames to skip
  • Enhancement: tmOpen now returns TMERR_NETWORK_NOT_INITIALIZED if you did not initialize the network subsystems (WinSock, XNet, etc.) and did not specify TMOF_INIT_NETWORKING
  • Bugfix: tmxgpu on 360 had incorrect parameters to tmPlot leading to erroneous values
  • Bugfix: 64-bit timespan IDs were truncated to 32-bit on 32-bit run-times
  • Bugfix: critical sections were not destroyed when context was shut down (Application Verifier warning)
  • Enhancement: added support for an unannounced platform
  • Bugfix: fixed link issues with another unannounced platform
  • Bugfix: session name returned from server was sometimes incorrect
  • Change: emits warnings if context switch overflow is detected
  • Enhancement: Added documentation for tmCheckVersion
  • Change: example_basic and UE3 docs now use tmCheckVersion