Thursday, October 25, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1o shipped!

This is a small maintenance release with some bug fixes and small features added.  The main addition is support for OpenGL GPU timings (this is in beta and very spotty due to poor driver support on some platforms).


  • Change: tmLoadTelemetry accepts TM_LOAD_CHECKED_LIBRARY and TM_LOAD_RELEASE_LIBRARY constants now (instead of just 0/1, which was confusing when reading the code)
  • Enhancement: Linux libraries are now built such that you can use them with a FreeBSD distribution as long as you've configured your distro with Linux compatibility.  Contact us if you have questions about this.
  • Enhancement: TMPT_UNTYPED is now an alias for TMPT_INTEGER
  • Bugfix: vararg handling in tmxgpu was leading to crashes in some cases
  • Enhancement: support for OpenGL GPU timings (desktop platforms)
  • Change: autoconnect is now a command line option and persistent