Monday, November 21, 2011

Telemetry 1.1d Released!

This is another maintenance release for Telemetry. Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports and feature requests!

  • Bugfix: calling tmInitializeContext on an active context would result in random crashes. Now it returns an error with checked builds.
  • Enhancement: (Experimental) TMZF_PLOT_TIME_EXPERIMENTAL. Specifying this will generate a plot of times for the given zone.
  • Enhancement: (Experimental) You can now register your own debug display function for the run time using tmSetParameter with TMP_DEBUG_PRINTER
  • Bugfix: Win32 build was generating a benign warning/error with AppVerifier due to attempting to OpenThread a NULL handle
  • Bugfix: TMXGPU: passing a NULL context to tmxgpu would result in crashes
  • Bugfix: Linux and OS X 32-bit: dynamic strings would sometimes crash the run time


  • Bugfix: TMMF_ICON_* messages weren't showing up in the message window
  • Bugfix: Multiple different blob plugins were not handled correctly
  • Bugfix: Fixed weird UI issues where zone display would pick up incorrect mouse events
  • Bugfix: OS X: Ok/Cancel buttons in message box were reversed
  • Bugfix: D3D: Too many plot samples crashed Visualizer
  • Change: OS X: Defaults to 1280x800 window size


  • Bugfix: Fixed a couple causes of the 'hanshake times out' issue
  • Bugfix: Fixed some server instability
  • Bugfix: Blobs were not served up properly
  • Enhancement: 32-bit Linux version available now


  • Bugfix: Updated UE3 integration docs
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing documentation for tmsRegisterMessageHandler, tmPPURegisterSPUProgram and TmOpenFlag
  • Enhancement: Added embedded server tutorial code

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Telemetry 1.1c Released!!

This is a maintenance fix for Telemetry 1.1. As always, update all components in tandem!

  • Change: TMXERR_GPU_INVALID_CONTEXT is now returned by the tmxGpuInit functions if a NULL context is passed
  • Change: Fixed spurious warnings when trying to close a NULL socket (now silently ignored)
  • Bugfix: Unused parameter warning in tmxgpu
  • Bugfix: Dynamic strings were not working properly on 32-bit OS X run time
  • Bugfix: tmSendCallStack did not send proper data when given a callstack previously fetched via tmGetCallStack


  • Changes: Zones are no longer arbitrarily split across frame boundaries
  • Bugfix: Context switch rendering on 360 regression for 1.1
  • Bugfix: Newlines were not always handled correctly in license file leading to "Corrupt Visualizer license" messages
  • Bugfix: Minimize-then-maximize to black screen
  • Bugfix: Visualizer's spawned editor is now found in path instead of requiring a full path name
  • Bugfix: TMMF_ZONE_LABEL was inadvertently replacing labels even on aggregate zones (e.g. LOD zones)
  • Bugfix: thin zones were incorrectly colored as LOD zones
  • Bugfix: Visualizer plugins were occasionally not found at startup


  • Bugfix: Unbalanced leaves with enters were causing intermittent server crashes


  • Bugfix: Symbolizer bugs fixed
  • Enhancement: Symbolizer now works correctly on OS X
  • Enhancement: Additional platform support for symbolizer
  • Change: UE3 integration docs updated