Wednesday, December 11, 2013

RAD Telemetry 2.0g released!

Telemetry 2.0g has been released!  Big performance increase during processing (~40% faster) and bug fixes.


  • Change: tmInitializeContext now prints warning (checked build only) if the user provided buffer is greater than 4MB.  Buffers that are too large can cause unnecessary slow downs.
  • Bugfix: PS3: issuing multiple tmOpen/tmClose calls after initiating the PPU listener thread would hang the run-time
  • Bugfix: Linux: intermittent hang bug that happened on a small number of systems when scanning processes during tmOpen


  • Enhancement: SQLite usage optimizations resulting in a significant speed up during cooking (~40%)
  • Change: TMZF_MEM_REGION_EXPERIMENTAL now uses path name for naming allocations if present (a la profiler names)
  • Change: shortened generated filenames in an attempt to stave off MAX_PATH issues on Windows
  • Change: autogenerated memory usage plots are signed 64-bit instead of unsigned
  • Change: dynamic string usage is now plotted to help narrow down bandwidth issues
  • Bugfix: string cache overflow bug would make some plots disappear if you had too many unique strings
  • Bugfix: sort order was incorrect for profiler queries, so important data was clipped off if there were a lot (>512) of results in a profiler fetch
  • Bugfix: fixed issues where spurious plots were generated for mem usage


  • Change: cooking now reports number of files left instead of the approximate percentage
  • Bugfix: mouse wheel no longer zooms if UI is in modal state
  • Bugfix: you could erroneously select live sessions by clicking 'all' button
  • Bugfix: fixed rare crash bug in Visualizer that resulted from trying to access non-existent session data


  • Change: TMS API changed to better support querying for cooking session duration
  • Change: updated UE3 integration docs with clarifications
  • Bugfix: updated trylock docs to indicate that they don't support recursive mutexes