Monday, August 6, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1L Released!

Welcome to the August 2012 release of RAD Telemetry!  This is mostly a maintenance release, however there is one significant feature that some customers have requested -- the Visualizer is now available for Linux!  Currently it's in beta and supports Ubuntu (32 and 64-bit) and Gnome.


  • Enhancement: PS3: stackwalking is now more robust and no longer requires debug library support (-ldbg)
  • Change: PS3: We now build against SDK 3.7.0
  • Change: WiiU: SDK 2.06.02 is now supported (and required)
  • Change: minor bugfixes and changes


  • Enhancement: beta support for running on Linux (Ubuntu 32/64 with Gnome/Nautilus)
  • Enhancement: OS X: Should now have feature parity with Windows version
  • Enhancement: Experimental "sort by duration" option when finding zones
  • Change: minor bugfixes and changes


  • Change: Minor bugfixes and changes


  • Change: minor update to UE3 integration documentation

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