Monday, September 24, 2012

RAD Telemetry 1.1n Released!

RAD Telemetry 1.1n is now available! This is another incremental update with bugfixes, performance improvements and better platform support.

One of the areas we concentrated on was streamlining the integration process for customers using third party engines.  If you're an Unreal Engine 3 licensee you should look at our revised documentation on integration, there are a couple minor tips that can help get the gargantuan amount of data generated under control.


  • Bugfix: dynamic strings were not properly sent to server if captures were paused with tmPause
  • Bugfix: tmClose now generates extra ticks to help the server flush out buffered frames
  • Enhancement: Improved WiiU support
  • Enhancement: Added TMMF_ICON_EXTRA00..TMMF_ICON_EXTRA04 flags for tmMessage since some customers wanted additional icon types.  In the future these will be replaced with real icons.
  • Enhancement: improved support for unannounced platforms


  • Bugfix: fixed stack size problem that was limiting maximum zone depth and resulting in crashes
  • Enhancement: Server now stores thread name events that occur inside a frame, not just the current thread name at a frame boundary


  • Bugfix: message sublabels were not showing up in zone tooltips
  • Bugfix: console command entry key stroke was disabled
  • Bugfix: Visualizer now checks for license file in executable directory as well on non-Windows platforms
  • Enhancement: Check box for 'show groups' in the plot tree added
  • Enhancement: Added TMMF_ICON_EXTRAxx support


  • Change: UE3 integration docs heavily revised and clarified
  • Enhancement: Added plot export facility to CSV in tmsym (beta!)

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