Monday, April 8, 2013

RAD Telemetry 1.1s shipped!

The big update is that we now have "out of the box" support for Linux/ARM, with some caveats.  But by and large if you're working on some kind of embedded Linux/ARM system with reasonable networking then Telemetry should be viable for you.

And of course we have our standard updates, bugfixes, and compatibility stuff!


  • Enhancement: added 'R' (reverse) variants of callstack APIs
  • Enhancement: official support for ARM7/Linux
  • Enhancement: updated SDK/console support
  • Bugfix: Fixed networking bug on PS4
  • Bugfix: Emulated tools version was being reset at tmClose
  • Bugfix: Warnings now with tmSetLockStateMintime if you reuse the same buffer
  • Change: tmEmitAccumulationZone now sets location string of 'leave' to same as enter event


  • Bugfix: fixed timespan rendering bug


  • Changes: updated UE3 integration documentation
  • Changes: fixed examples
  • Changes: minor documentation changes

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