Tuesday, April 22, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0L released!

Telemetry 2.0L has just been released.  This is strictly a minor maintenance release to deal with some small bugs.

NOTE: The ABI has changed, so be sure to recompile/relink everything instead of just swapping out libraries!

Run Time

  • Bugfix: varargs with float types were not handled properly at times on OS X (64-bit), Linux/x64 and PS4
  • Bugfix: TM_VA_LIST parameters were incorrectly warned as 'stack variables' by checked build
  • Change: Android runtime is now built with -funwind-tables by default
  • Enhancement: checked build now does extra verification to watch for 'wrapper' related bugs


  • Bugfix: unknown string pointers are silently handled instead of generating an exception and associated disconnection
  • Bugfix: locks/timespans could accidentally start with a negative ref count


  • Enhancement: 'edit source code' is now a right-click zone option
  • Bugfix: backgrounds were drawn in green instead of black of any timeline sections were present but the current visible area did not have one defined
  • Bugfix: tooltip was not showing file name and line properly in zone view
  • Bugfix: in some situations Visualizer on Windows would leave clipboard open, locking out other applications from copy/paste


  • Change: added documentation discussing the perils of wrapping calls to Telemetry vs. just using Telemetry in place

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