Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RAD Telemetry 1.0L Released!

Lots of changes big and small. Hit us up if you want access to the update!

WARNING: You must do a full rebuild with this version since some APIs have changed!

The big changes are that you can now filter zones out on the client based on a time threshold specified in tmEnterEx or tmZoneFiltered. In addition, tmTryLockEx has a time threshold for the same reason.

Unfortunately the overhead for boosting priority in an attempt to solve some customer's priority inversion problems was too high, so we've reverted to not boosting priority by default, but you can still enable it with TMO_BOOST_PRIORITY in tmSetOption.

Linux had two significant bug fixes leading to either server crashes or corrupted plot values, those should be fixed now as well.

Other changes:

  • (Linux) renamed static lib to libtelemetry32.a so you can do "-ltelemetry32" link flags
  • tmLeaveThread and tmEnterThread have been removed -- the same functionality is available via tmEnterEx and tmLeaveEx
  • tmEnterEx and tmLeaveEx have new parameters, so if you use those there's a chance that you'll have to update your code in some places for it to compile
  • timestamps are sampled in slightly different places than before so that the overhead of Telemetry isn't misattributed to your code
  • (Windows) PDB names weren't being properly sent to the server
  • Visualizer: you can now delete sessions from within the Visualizer!
  • Visualizer: if there are no memory events then the mem event track will not appear
  • Visualizer: timeline backgrounds have significantly more contrast with the new color scheme
  • Visualizer: default generated plot window size is now 1s instead of 100ms
  • Visualizer: lock events were not always reaching the Visualizer during live captures
  • Visualizer: filename wasn't being quoted in the "%F" portion of the editor command line option
  • Visualizer: we now specify /edit by default in the editor command line
  • Examples: example_basic_threads.cpp updated to handle Linux better
  • Server: massive performance improvements while writing frames to disk
As always, your comments, questions, and bug reports are greatly appreciated!

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