Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Telemetry 1.0M released!

This is mostly a maintenance release to get some bug fixes, polish, etc. out there.

This WILL require another full rebuild! Sorry about the inconvenience (again), the APIs have been tweaked to be a little friendlier, specifically the tmEntryEx and tmTryLockEx APIs take a pointer to a matchid instead of a reference.
  • tmEnterEx and tmTryLockEx have slightly different signatures
  • TMZF_FILTER has been removed since it's no longer necessary
  • callstack propagation bug fixed when callstacks were only 1 deep
  • Visualizer crash bug fixed if a session ended unexpectedly while the Visualizer was trying to load it
  • Track minimization state is now persistent between sessions -- no more constantly minimizing unwanted tracks!
  • Currently loaded session is highlighted in the session selector
  • Some server exception handling propagation issues fixed
  • Memory utilization in the Visualizer reduced considerably for lock events
  • Very simple text-only memory reporting available by right clicking on a timeline bar or a memory event. This is just to show some of the data we're acquiring and processing as we move towards memory management feature enhancement.

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