Tuesday, August 13, 2013

RAD Telemetry 2.0a/1.1t shipped!

Man, it's so easy to just keep plugging away at something and thinking "we'll just release next week".  We've been doing that with Telemetry 2 for months now because there's always one more platform or feature to add, but we finally locked things down and have made our release official as of today!

So as of now Telemetry 2.0a is available, and so is the incremental run-time update to 1.1t (the Telemetry run-time is 1.1t for both Telemetry 2 and Telemetry 1.x, which is kind of confusing right now but that's the nature of having dual version support).

Telemetry 1.1t will (hopefully) be the last release of 1.1 and going forward all releases will be 2.x+ versions.

If you're looking to evaluate again or upgrade, please contact our sales guys at sales3@radgametools.com so we can hook you up!

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