Friday, September 13, 2013

Telemetry 2.0d released!

Telemetry 2.0d is out the door!  This is an incremental release from 2.0c with the following changes and improvements:


  • Bugfix: closing Telemetry after it failed to open would sometimes hang
  • Bugfix: initial timestamp wasn't offset by start TSC
  • Bugfix: iOS crash bug fixed
  • Change: iOS and Android use 16K write buffers for TMCT_FILE instead of 1MB sizes


  • Bugfix: plot LOD bug fix
  • Bugfix: fixed zone search query
  • Bugfix: fixed join logic to deal with 0 string column IDs
  • Bugfix: crashing when attempting to symbolize a session that is also loading
  • Bugfix: stale file handles no longer prevent deletion of sessions


  • Change: selection checkbox is disabled for live sessions
  • Enhancement: huge speed up to symbolization
  • Bugfix: mem track is visible again
  • Enhancement: search results now also dumped into a separate tab
  • Bugfix: zones with same name in different threads were shadowing each other in profiler pane
  • Bugfix: properly reports when a search returns no results
  • Bugfix: cleaned up thread offset / lock count display in lock tracks
  • Bugfix: plots were still showing up as available after deletion


  • Bugfix: bug in database export Python script
  • Other: fixed misc documentation errors

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