Tuesday, January 28, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0h released!

Telemetry 2.0h has been released!  This is a collection of small fixes/updates from December and through January.  Updated to support the latest console SDKs, implemented a bunch of customer requests, updated and clarified some documentation, etc.  This will hopefully be the basis for the latest 2.0 stable build so I can start working on 2.1.

NOTE: This requires a full rebuild!  The ABI has changed slightly to support the tmPlotAt functionality, so please remember to update your headers and libraries simultaneously and perform a full rebuild.

The only really significant gotcha is that TMZF_PROFILER_ONLY zones are now effectively discarded by the server, since they were a Telemetry 1.x specific feature.  A similar feature may be forthcoming in Telemetry 2 but because some of the constraints have changed (we no longer have monolithic frames like we did in Telemetry 1.x) it'll have to be designed a little differently.


  • Enhancement: added tmPlotAt APIs so you can retroactively place a plot in time.  For example, you might want to accumulate some information but then plot it back where it's most relevant, not where it's available.
  • Enhancement: updated to latest platform SDKs.
  • Bugfix: fixed XB1 checked build link errors
  • Change: 64-bit Linux static lib is now built with -fPIC


  • Enhancement: server now does periodic flushing every 100ms instead of only flushing on tmTick processing
  • Change: TMZF_PROFILER_ONLY zones are now explicitly discarded


  • Enhancement: user defined zone, timespan, and plot colors.  By putting "color: rrggbb" in your description the Visualizer will color accordingly.
  • Enhancement: added sort-by option in profiler results pane so you can sort by time or count
  • Enhancement: plot tooltip now shows time offset from start of session (so like T1 you can now see how far in a frame is, not just its duration)
  • Enhancement: TMZF_IDLE zones are now more obvious
  • Enhancement: 'show idle zones' checkbox is back
  • Enhancement: selected region in zone view will display its duration in tooltip
  • Enhancement: 1ms tick intervals are now drawn in the zone view
  • Bugfix: profiler pane now shows correct counts for accumulation zones


  • Change: updated docs to clarify that TMZF_PROFILER_ONLY is a T1 specific feature

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