Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0i released!

Whoops, that was quick.  This is an interim bug fix release with some minor new features.  The big issues are that plot generation was crashing, so that's been fixed, and we've allowed you to prefetch a lot more data per server data fetch which reduces latency when just scrolling around in the zone view.


  • Change: QNX/ARM is now built with -fpic
  • Change: removed dependency on dbghelp.dll for Windows
  • Change: 'processing time' plot is now 'process time(ms)'


  • Change: default zone pool is larger now, reducing need to resize continuously


  • Bugfix: plot generation was crashing
  • Change: generated plot names are shortened and now include 'by frame' or 'by time' unit
  • Enhancement: prefetch window can be altered to reduce latency when scrolling around.  This is a slider in the Options page.
  • Enhancement: state tag backgrounds in zone view are more prominent
  • Bugfix: mem track button would disappear and stay gone
  • Bugfix: time scale calculations were off in certain rare instances due to quantization artifacts


  • Change: updated docs on using regsrv32 to fix MS DIA SDK registration issues

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