Thursday, February 20, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0j released!

This is a minor maintenance and bugfix release, but it does require a recompile/relink.

Run Time

  • Enhancement: tmMessage now has a tmMessageEx variant. This was added so you can change zone label/sublabels in virtual threads.
  • Enhancement: (Windows) you can now specify full path for TMDATA files when using TMCT_FILE captures
  • Bugfix: fixed benign AppVerifier warning about dangling CriticalSection


  • Bugfix: in certain situations long zones would not be recorded properly
  • Bugfix: fixed pathological edge case in zone garbage collector leading to N^2 processing times


  • Change: (Windows) Visualizer now uses system default text editor instead of Notepad when editing notes
  • Enhancement: plot scale with mousewheel should work now
  • Bugfix: double clicking a frame in plot view would sometimes take you to the wrong location
  • Bugfix: right-click 'zoom' on plot would sometimes take you to the wrong location


  • Enhancement: Mac/Linux/Win now have gpu_opengl.cpp sample file included in distributions
  • Enhancement: Python SQLite export script has been greatly enhanced
  • Change: 'tools' only distributions now included exporter script
  • Change: updated zone filtering documentation
  • Change: updated timespan document to note the ordering constraints of *TimespanAt APIs

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