Friday, July 18, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0N Released!

This release focuses on making the Visualizer more responsive.


  • Bugfix: fixed a bug where printf format strings containing 64-bit integers followed by strings would not work in certain cases.


  • Bugfix: fixed UI flickering on cursor-key scrolling when hitting edges of the dataset.
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug where semaphore lock counts would not get displayed in the visualizer.
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug where plot highlight state would flicker when scrolling.
  • Bugfix: fixed a bug where LOD plots wouldn't display min/max sometimes.
  • Bugfix: fixed bug where free location was incorrectly reported for long-lived allocations.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) fixed incorrect positioning of server status and search bars.
  • Bugfix: (OS X) dragging with middle mouse button to scroll now works the same way as on other platforms.
  • Enhancement: revised the protocol between Server and Visualizer. When using a dedicated server, network traffic to the visualizer is typically reduced by 5-6x!
  • Enhancement: significantly reduced data fetch times from server.
  • Enhancement: improved prefetching logic in the Visualizer. Waiting for data to load should happen much less often now.
  • Enhancement: UI is now much more responsive when lots of zones are visible.


  • Enhancement: substantially smaller databases when context switch tracking is enabled.
  • Enhancement: dataset processing time is reduced further.


  • Enhancement: (Linux) Telemetry now officially supports CentOS 6 and RHEL 6.

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