Wednesday, September 10, 2014

RAD Telemetry 2.0P Released!

This release significantly improves the server- and visualizer-side handling of plots, locks and context switches.


  • Bugfix: (Linux) Remove 'lsof scan' debug spew.
  • Bugfix: (PS4) Fix broken hostname resolution.


  • Enhancement: redesigned, more intuitive display of summary information for fast-changing plots.
  • Enhancement: show "density" of summarized zones using opacity.
  • Enhancement: significantly improved rendering of lock events in zone view.
  • Enhancement: context switch and lock tracks now display way more information when zoomed out.
  • Enhancement: display summary information about timespans too short to be visible at the current zoom level. 
  • Enhancement: new "plot per-frame totals" option for zones! (Right-click on zones in zone view.)
  • Enhancement: zone search now has "before selection" and "after selection" modes. 
  • Enhancement: added "count" aggregation function and leading windows to generated plots.
  • Bugfix: fixed numerous serious usability issues in text edit controls.
  • Bugfix: fix double-clicking on a range of frames in timeline view jumping to the wrong place in the zone view. 
  • Bugfix: panning the zone view didn't work in selection region unless mouse cursor was over a zone. 
  • Bugfix: draw profiler pane on top of selection, not the other way round. 
  • Bugfix: fix 60fps / 30fps markers in timeline view being drawn in the wrong position sometimes. 
  • Bugfix: modify 60Hz / 30Hz vertical scale modes to actually affect axis scaling again. 
  • Bugfix: fix plot scale factor in timeline view resetting on scroll. 
  • Bugfix: fix incorrect rendering/display of TMPT_PERCENTAGE_COMPUTED and TMPT_TIME plot values. 
  • Bugfix: fix caching bug where high-resolution plot information wouldn't get fetched in certain cases. 
  • Bugfix: fix buggy zone find "visible" behavior (would use wrong search range in certain cases) 
  • Bugfix: fix numerous small UI glitches. 
  • Change: cleaned up session view UI.


  • Change: database schema is changed! If you have scripts/tools that read TDBs directly, please refer to the docs for a description of the new schema. 
  • Bugfix: fixed a per-connection memory leak.
  • Enhancement: reduced traffic between Server and Visualizer for plots. 
  • Enhancement: processed datasets with lots of plots, locks or context switches are typically 25-50% smaller. 
  • Enhancement: processing time of datasets with context switches or plots is significantly reduced, by up to 30% in our tests.


  • Change: now writes CSV files in a slightly different format and produces one CSV file per plot instead of one CSV with all plots.

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