Thursday, March 10, 2011

1.0i has shipped!

Telemetry 1.0i is out the door with a host of fixes and enhancements:
  • new plots generates automatically showing number of context switches and current telemetry buffer size
  • context switch background processing optimized significantly on Windows
  • networking back end much faster and trickles data, avoiding network backups under extreme frame rate (500fps+) situations

The Visualizer also got some improvements:

  • minimized tracks now stack vertically if they run out of room horizontally
  • message window revamped so that it's faster and better looking (can handle millions of messages now)
  • significant speed up to lock rendering
  • fixed crash bug for certain windowed generated plots
  • fixed memory corruption error if there were more than 32K plot points in a single plot
  • non-idle, non-system processes in the context switch track are now rendered in light gray so you can tell them apart from 'system idle'

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