Thursday, March 10, 2011

Road map for Telemetry

One of the advantages of RAD Game Tools is that we're highly customer responsive and have a very aggressive release schedule. New features, optimizations, and bug fixes are rolled out at a very fast rate, usually at least once a month and often times a couple times a month.

After GDC we got a lot of good information from new and potential customers, and based on their feedback I wanted to mention what our tentative road map is looking like.
  • Summer: PS3 support for PPU. We may have a beta of this as soon as April, but no promises. It's our highest priority major feature.
  • Late Summer: basic GPU support on Windows and 360, at the very least allowing you to identify how long a command buffer took to execute and to visualize overlap with your CPU threads.
  • Early Fall: PS3 support for SPU. The major issue is that all of our cool features do require space on the SPU, and most PS3 developers don't want to give up any room on their SPUs!
  • Fall: deep memory visualization. The current memory stuff is very simple and just tracks allocations and frees, but we want to go crazy and do for memory everything we've done for performance. Fragmentation maps, current usage tree maps, multiheap support, and more!
  • Winter: significant architectural changes on the back end with the goal being to remove the entire concept of hard coded frames. Instead we'd like you to be able to define arbitrary 'framesets' so you can refactor the zone view however you'd like, by 'render ticks', 'game ticks', 'physics ticks', etc. Getting this in place opens a huge host of opportunities.
  • Winter+: continuous integration, regression testing, and visual diff support

Of course, during all this we'll be implementing lots of small features, polish items, customer requests, bug fixes, and optimizations, and if a new platform gets a lot of requests we'll support it as well. But barring stuff like that this is our current road map if anything changes I'll try to post about it here.

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