Thursday, March 17, 2011

tmEnterThread and tmBeginTimeSpanAt APIs added!

By request from a couple customers we've added two variants of existing APIs. tmEnterThread/tmLeaveThread let you manually specify your thread IDs, thus giving support for logical threads. This is handy if you have a single thread for something like AI but you want to visualize different subtasks/coroutines/fibers individually.

The other API addition is the ability to pass a specific time value to tmBeginTimeSpan and tmEndTimeSpan via the tmBegin/EndTimeSpanAt variants. Now you can measure an event indirectly, such as a GPU fence, and see it on the timeline.


  1. Thanks Brian, tmEnterThread is going to be extremely useful for our more complex gameplay systems at Irrational Games.

  2. Glad you're enjoying Telemetry, and adding that feature was no problem at all once I looked at it. Hopefully new release late next week with these two additions, looking forward to seeing how it goes!