Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plot enhancements

One of the most powerful elements of Telemetry is the ability to plot arbitrary game data and see how it correlates to performance. While the plots are great already, we do think that they can and should be better and have been talking to customers about what new features they'd like to see.

Some features up for discussion and possible implementation in the coming weeks and months include:
  • discrete plot events. Instead of just assuming that plot events are somehow related, handle each sample as a discrete, independent event, generating a scatter plot instead of a line chart.
  • plot limits/budgets. Set plot min/max values that generate flashing text, warning colors, etc. on the Visualizer if those limits are broken. Hovering over the plot would draw horizontal lines showing the budget(s) set. This way you can set resource budgets for your artists and they'll be able to spot them easily.
  • Visual enhancements such as better contrast/rendering.
So what are your thoughts? Feel free to post here or drop me an email!

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